Benefits of using FMD

  • Provision of support services via an established business operating since 1991 and specialising in HA finance
  • Access to experienced staff who are able to offer a flexible and high quality service
  • Access to staff who are committed to the voluntary movement and who adopt an ethos of delivering within the context of affordability
  • Support services from staff who not only deliver in terms of carrying out one off projects but who are also experienced in managing the impact of these projects
  • All year round service and support at a cost less than that of a full time employee
  • Logical and methodical approach to task in hand
  • Provision of services by a provider known and respected by funders, regulators and other relevant partners
  • Financial support services provided by staff who can communicate at all levels and who are well experienced in working with, reporting to and being responsible to volunteer Management Committees
  • Cost effective charge out rates
  • Access to a bank of financial data and knowledge
  • Proven ability to deliver on time

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