About FMD

We have been providing financial management services to housing clients since 1991, we are committed to the ethos of the voluntary housing movement and to providing a high quality service to our clients who all operate within the not for profit sector

FMD are not a firm of accountants who work with all sectors carrying out all roles. Every day of our working lives is invested in providing a specialist financial management service to Housing Associations. Our RSL clients range in size from 300 units with the largest client having around 3500 units and two subsidiary companies.

One of the benefits of working with such a diverse group of RSLs ensures experience and knowledge is continuously developed. FMD staff attend finance conferences, forums, and seminars on a regular basis and arrange in house specialist training where required. Regular meetings are held with lenders, insurers, valuers and auditors in order to ensure constant awareness of current issues.

We are able to deliver our service through our full time specialist staff that have extensive experience in the social housing sector. Experience ranges from 4 to 40 years working with Housing Associations and our staff have 'clocked up' around 150 years within the sector.

FMD are commercial members of SFHA, EVH and GWSF and our organisation became incorporated in 2001.