FMD Consultancy Staff

Fettes McDonald

Set up FMD in 1991 and has been involved in housing association finance for over 40 years. Fettes, who has ten years experience as an RSL Finance Manager, has been involved in all aspects of HA finance including stock transfers, merger and viability assessments and refinancing activities. In 2018/19 Fettes was lead financial adviser on a successful £30m private placement deal.

He has undertaken all relevant finance tasks for clients but now mainly carries out an overseeing role for clients as well as being the lead provider for the one off assignments undertaken by FMD.

Patrick Long

Pat joined FMD in 2004 after working as finance manager with a local housing association for a twenty year period.

He carries out the role of finance manager with various HA clients as well as a local Care and Repair company. Tasks include the planning, monitoring and control of all financial management activity, the preparation of year end financial statements and submissions to the Scottish Housing Regulator.

David Ampofo

David joined FMD in 2014 having been employed within the finance department of a local Housing Association for the previous nine years. Tasks included annual accounts and management accounts preparation and included the provision of a range of finance agency services to charities and RSLs. Prior to this David gained commercial experience with a number of blue chip companies over a three year period.

Currently David undertakes a wide range of finance tasks for RSL clients including medium and long term financial forecasting, annual accounts preparation and treasury reporting.

Sean O’Sullivan

Sean previously worked within local authority finance for a period of 10 years prior to employment as Finance Officer with a Glasgow based Housing Association for the 5 year period up to 2017.

He currently undertakes finance work for a number of RSL organisations. Duties include day to day financial management for a number of clients as well as annual and long term financial forecasting.

David McDonald

David joined FMD in 2019 having previously worked in the banking sector for 8 years in both Operations and Finance roles.

He will undertake a wide range of finance tasks for our RSL clients including day to day financial duties as well as the provision of assistance in year-end matters, long term financial forecasting and management accounts preparation. David also undertakes all finance tasks for a local economic development group.

Robert McGinlay

Robert joined FMD in 2021 having previously worked as Assistant Audit Manager with KPMG for around 3 years. Robert’s prior experience includes over 5 years working in finance with Alexander Sloan working predominantly in the housing association, charitable, financial services and commercial sectors. During his time with Sloans, Robert worked with around 35 RSLs covering accounts preparation as well as external and internal audit. Before this Robert worked with Edrington Group for around 3 years in the finance and risk management departments.

He currently undertakes the role of Finance Manager for a number of FMD clients carrying out all main financial management tasks including year end accounts preparation, quarterly management accounts and long term financial forecasting.

Fiona Nicholl

Fiona has 30 years experience in the RSL sector having previously worked with SHR, FMD, Ochil View, Fife Housing Group and Shettleston HA. Her previous roles included finance consultant, management accountant ,Director of Finance and Corporate Services and Depute Director.

Currently Fiona provides services to an RSL client on a part-time basis and tasks include annual, 5 year and long term projections, preparation of annual accounts and quarterly management accounts.